How and Why this Project was Launched?

  1. HamaZo is one of the largest blog portals service in Japan especially in Hamamatsu.
  2. Hamamatsu is a city in Japan in Shizuoka prefecture that has a large number of foreign citizens especially from Asian Countries. This was where the idea was born to create an event that involved Asian people who live in Hamamatsu with the purpose of cultural exchange with the local Japanese.
  3. The “Town of Musical Instruments” is what people call Hamamatsu city, because many big and well known companies all over the world produce musical instruments in this city. Hamamatsu is the home town of and Kawai Music, Yamaha Music and Roland, also the home of Automotive Honda, Yamaha Motor and Suzuki.
  4. From the 3 points mentioned above we came up with idea of this special event called “ ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL” that likely will be visited by thousands of Japanese and also foreign Asian citizens that live in Japan, especially in Hamamatsu.
  5. HamaZo as the EO for this event will provide booths for every vendor who will represent their own country and will invite guest celebrities from each.

Purpose/Target of the Project:

  1. Cultural Exchange between Japanese and other Asian people.
  2. Create an event that can be an opportunity for people to be proud of their own country.
  3. A chance for Japan to show appreciation to Asian people who have chosen to visit or stay in Japan.
  4. A chance to encourage Japanese companies to expand their business in Asia.
  5. A chance to display each Asian country’s musical talent.
  6. A chance to promote each country’s tourism, culture, local products, traditional food etc..
  7. To strengthen the relationship between Japanese and other Asian people.